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    Innovate using Digital Solutions to Improve Productivity of our Business Customers

  • Our vision

    We believe that our end to end digital solutions leveraging the cloud can help customer clients transform their business through higher revenue, lower cost, and better end-user experiences.

    Global Innovation

    In Emerging Markets

    In Emerging Markets, our goal is to work with leading ambitious companies to help grow their business through digital innovation in the cloud

    Strategic Partnerships

    To Solve Challenging Business Problems

    To Solve Challenging Business Problems we are actively seeking strategic partners who can accelerate business transformation using cutting-edge technologies


  • Grow and streamline your business with the help of an all-in-one business process management solution (ERP) in the cloud that’s easy to use and implement

  • How can ERP help you?

    ERP will change the way you work and effectively manage your resources

    What is ERP?

    ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning.

    It is a software that manages and integrates company's financials, supply chain, operations, reporting, manufacturing and human resource activities. ERP brings in all these disparate processes together in one system to collaborate and create one fluid accurate system and therefore make the operations run more efficiently.


    What are the Benefits?

    • Allow each department to see what the other is doing and increase collaboration
    • Real-time information anytime and anywhere for faster decision making
    • Dashboards and business intelligence to drive higher productivity
    • Ultimately leading to higher revenue through improved productivity and lower costs through streamlined processes  
  • 3 Signs That You Need ERP


    Cluttered Office?

    Paper and pen style of record keeping, heaps of records and binders, and can never find information when you need it


    Headaches from Inaccurate Data?

    Many inaccuracies of data in critical management reports caused by manual data entry and calculations which causes delayed decision making 


    Customer Experience is suffering?

    Takes too long to respond to customer queries; all employees need to have access to the same accurate real time information with just a few clicks

  • What We Do

    We offer two types of ERP Solutions

    Custom ERP Solution

    • Customization, Implementation, and Hosting of ODOO ERP solution that fits each of your individual customers' needs
    • We will closely work with you in understanding your requirements and build an ERP system that suits your needs

    Hotel Management

      • Our own proprietary hotel management system is integrated with the accounting solution
      • This ERP includes various modules that will encompass everything you'll need to run your hotel and plan all your resources very efficiently
    • Discover what ERP can do for your business

    • Our Other Products and Digital Solutions

      Our multinational team combines experience with passion, creativity, and dedication. We are totally committed to our clients becoming more successful

      Mobile Development

      Provides services for vKirirom visitors and employees by managing tasks on employee to employee basis

      Artificial Intelligence

      Extensively using AI to figure out the optimal solutions for daily tasks such as vehicle number plate detection, swimming pool monitoring etc.


      Making scalable and decentralized ways to implement applications on the blockchain network for smart contract in real estate

      Augmented Reality (AR)

      Application that allow the customers to reimagine their dream house by augmenting it in free space

      Digital Marketing

      Helping businesses scale up their digital presence

    • Our Team

      We've got a top notch team!

      Takeshi Izuka



      Hicki Okamoto

      Senior VP



      Ken Bekku


      Ex-Accenture Strategy

      Leo Fernandez

      Project Manager


      Chihiro Kurose

      ERP Specialist


      Krish Munot

      Product Manager